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Introducing the Habano²

Jesus Fuego:
Cuban Heritage, History

Jesus Fuego & the Story of El Corojo, Vuelta Abajo Region, Pinar del Rio, Cuba

Travel across thousands of rugged farmland acres Southwest of Havana and you'll find the cradle of the world's most sought after tobacco. El Corojo was the site where in 1876, Jesus Fuego's ancestors planted the first tobacco seeds on one of only four small family farms, which they named Corojo #1.

Just under a century later, Jesus was born and raised on Corojo #1. He has continued his ancestor's dedication to growing the world's finest tobacco and creating unforgettable cigars. Jesus mastered the art of growing harvesting, fermenting, and blending tobacco for Cuba’s top companies. He earned his Master's Degree in Post-Harvest Agronomy at the University of Havana, where he later spread his knowledge to other lovers of the leaf.

Jesus' heritage and experience gained from Cuba's best tobacco growers and cigar makers are unmatched. Fortunately in the 1990's Jesus left Cuba to share his talent and love for cigars with the rest of the world.

We now invite you to share in a special collection of cigars, 5 generations in the making!

XIKAR's Treasure Hunt:

Travel creates experiences, and we love to travel!
As part of building XIKAR, we have made many friends around the world who are brilliant tobacco producers, expert blenders and artisan cigar rollers. Our “duties” have led us to exotic countries and to smoke great cigars...work, work, work! We sometimes find treasure on our journey; and sometimes that treasure is planted, not buried, in the ground. These treasures include blends that have not yet been introduced, or stocks of tobacco the producer was saving for a special occasion. We bring back the best to enjoy ourselves, and we want to share that treasure with you!

We unearthed this treasure on a recent trip, and it knocked our socks off! We offer it to you today as our “Habano² ” blend. Think of it as a souvenir from our travels, but much more enjoyable than a t-shirt!

Enjoy the Treasure of Life’s experiences;

XIKAR for Life!


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